When you can’t save money… Money Saving Excuses COLLAB

There are a thousand excuses not to, here’s how to overcome them.
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When you can't save money... Money Saving Excuses COLLAB
When you can’t save money… Money Saving Excuses COLLAB

19 thoughts on “When you can’t save money… Money Saving Excuses COLLAB”

  1. Really love this video! And HECK YES to those asteroids hitting you at the beginning. When I first started my debt free journey I cannot tell you how many asteroids tried knocking me out of the game. Every time I would take a step forward or come into some money, it was gone. Unexpected holiday bonus from work? Oh look, an emergency expense for that exact amount. Money gone. Just finishing up your first week at your second job? Oh look, another emergency in the exact amount of that first paycheck that was supposed to be extra savings. They were coming left and right. And some were downright HUMONGOUS, even to someone with a comfortable amount of savings. BUT I didn't give up! And as a result I'm proud to say I've paid off over 20k of debt this year alone. It CAN be done!

  2. Thank you so much BG, this video is just what I need to hear today. So many 'asteroids' have hit us in the last 2 months that I had almost given up. Tomorrow I'm going to do the November budget and a pantry challenge menu plan x

  3. Great take on the collab BG! I can't tell you HOW MUCH I agree with this. Every month it gets easier….and sinking funds really do help and there are ALWAYS issues at the beginning

  4. Okay, so how many people are trying to figure out what BG's shirt says!!!!???!!! Lol! Happiness is not….HAVING DEBT…that's my guess. Not that I would know that happiness is not having debt!!!! HAHAHAHA

  5. Budget Girl thank you!!! Today on 10/27 I paid my last student loan payment and I'm debt free!!! Thank you for your videos you have helped me so much get through my debt free journey.

  6. This was great to hear. We just started our debt free journey and I definitely feel "the asteroids" lol. We're so ready to be past baby step 1. This is harder than it seems lol.

  7. I really needed this today!! Thank you, so very much!!! I had $500 saved and it went to the IRS.Then I was let go from my job… Out of work only a week…. However, that was a week. I started working again on Tuesday. What makes this so hard, is trying to get my husband on board of this Budgeting, savings and sacrificing!! Its a temporary situation for the long term. Thank you, is all I can say!! Sara, God Bless you!

  8. Thank you for this video. It was what I needed to hear today. I am still working on getting current and was already starting to despair at how long it would take us to get an emergency fund together. We need a new car soon, we need to move to a more suitable house and we are struggling to keep moving with very low incomes. I just need to keep going. Thank you again. πŸ™‚

  9. Preach it, sister. I can vouch for everything you say. I look at it the same way as muscle memory…the more you just keep doing it, the more it becomes 2nd nature.

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