What Happens When a Country DITCHES THE DOLLAR?

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What Happens When a Country DITCHES THE DOLLAR?
What Happens When a Country DITCHES THE DOLLAR?

19 thoughts on “What Happens When a Country DITCHES THE DOLLAR?”

  1. Remember it took them just 1 month to invade in a previous instance. They want change and they want to be in the favour or the military industrial complex.

  2. I Salute you my Brother!

    Don't give up, and please don't be stop reaching out.

    For twenty years my Brother I've been down the rabbit hole. I see you have been there too.

    Keep going Brother.

    Stay Strong and Stay Blessed.

  3. Both Omar and Saddam were not killed because they were going to ditch the dollar. They were both eliminated because the neocons wanted their natural resources and their gold reserves as they did the same in Ukraine. Saddam was going to accept euros for oil. The US backed the creation of the currency because they thought it would be a major reserve currency and take pressure off dollar strength. Him going to this would actually have helped the US in achieving its goal but the neocons who always steal and plunder got their way and we all know what happened. They are attempting to do the same on Venezuela using the narrative that they are socialist or communist but this is very far from the actual truth.

  4. It appears that the plan to create the African currency was only known after the rebellion. So, if that is true, that kind of nullifies the theory that the rebellion in Libya started after the plan to create this currency. Does anyone have another theory for the rebellion?

  5. AGREED 100%!!

    As the old saying goes: If you want to know who and why, just follow the money.

  6. You're quite confused. "A thousand dollars of local currency." – that's not a valid description. Dollars are not the local currency and the dollar still has the same value. What you should say is: "1000 bolivars was worth x dollars in 2013. Today 1000 bolivars is worth $1.20." (1:11 in video)

  7. Your timeline on the Iraq thing is off, the article states they announced in Oct 2000. In fact that date makes more sense anyway. Wars are planned in advance, not spure of the moment.

  8. Lets see them try this when China , Iraq and Iran ditch the dollar…. the dollars days are numbered its a house of cards anyway

  9. What collapse? Now Dow hit 22,000. Sell yr gold , sell yr silver and buy stocks, buy usd bec the party will never end!!' Hahaaaa

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