Top 5 Items You NEED If You Own or Want to Buy Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)

Top 5 Items You NEED If You Own or Want to Buy Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)
Everyone is always talking about cryptocurrency, but what is often overlooked is discussing the items you use everyday with crypto.
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Today I review 5 items I use or need everyday, being in cryptocurrency full-time these items ranging from exchanges, to software wallets and hardware such as the Ledger Nano S and quality Lexar USBs along with a true SentrySafe Safe Vault used for Cryptocurrency! + of course a supportive family and crypto community.

1st thing(s) you NEED to do w/ crypto – Exchanges & Wallets
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2nd item you NEED with Cryptocurrency
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3rd item you NEED with cryptocurrency
Ledger Nano S – buy on Amazon –
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4th item you NEED if you own or want to buy BTC
Fire-proof & water-proof locking safe (top rated)
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5th item you NEED if you hope to survive + profit in crypto
They don’t sell these on the internet, but get a gf/bf + Doge!

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Top 5 Items You NEED If You Own or Want to Buy Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)

19 thoughts on “Top 5 Items You NEED If You Own or Want to Buy Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)”

  1. Great video.
    1. Computer 2. Crypto accounts. 3. Patience 4. Organization skills for all the freakin' passwords. 5. Backup thumbdrive and offgrid storage of important docs (more than one in case you misplace one).
    Tails is looking sharp.

  2. As always, great video! Always learn something new from your videos. They've been very helpful since I have entered crypto.
    I use Exodus as well but have found Freewallet ( to be a useful wallet for my everyday transactions. The site is sometimes a little glitchy and requires a refresh to work but the mobile app for iOS and Android is very good and simple to use. They also have a very decent amount of coins and a lot of nice options like free transfers between Freewallet users. 2 things that I believe you should have that you didn't mention in your video is a good program for 2FA like Authy ( which is multi-platform and syncs between all devices, and a VPN like Windscribe ( to keep prying eye away from your crypto. Disclaimer: The links are affiliate links should you wish to use them.
    BTC: 37vCU3sTcJRicGh8AmH1rZ3ihk7z2dT7Mg

  3. Ledger nano s, ledger nano s, ledger nano s, ledger nano s, and lastly a box of tissues when you cry yourself to sleep after looking at your portfolio.


  4. Hey Vos… what happened with that miner you did the revue on that went down ? The one that had you long in to their website to mine or whatever.. what was that companies name too?

  5. Great video Vosk! My top five:
    1. Exchanges. I use primarily Coinbase/Binance/Cryptopia and Bittrex.
    2. My Ledger Nano S – what a great device. Secure and easy to use. I also use Exodus.
    3. My office 6 card mining rig used primarily for mining and researching coins. This is separate from my small-size farm.
    4. A couple of paper wallets – old school cold storage for the HODL game.
    5. Rig parts – some extra cards, risers, MBs, fans, PSUs, etc.
    BTC: 35qQZqTiATLjf8xpnTQiQFsZsL5ik6DHsj

  6. Number one thing to stay away from Bitconeeeect!!! XD Top 5 Coinbase, Binance, Ledger Nano s and Exodus Subscribe to Voskcoin 🙂 and YEN .io coming very soon. Keep being here for the guys man.

  7. Counterpoint, what I do not use.
    Vosk, I want to make the point that there are a small minority of people on planet who do not use cell phones or wifi ever for any reason. Crypto in most cases definitely " Assumes " that everyone has wireless comm capability which is not so and also not wanted.

  8. Hey Vosk. Great Video… and honestly, the most important part is a supportive S.O. Great unspoken necessity.

  9. I have an encrypted USB to store all my keys and wallet.dat backups. The one I found also is water resistant with the lid on.

  10. For me I find paper wallet along with cold storage wallets most secure but I only been investing I 10% of my income for the last 6 months.
    My bitcoin adress is
    Wish me luck 🤞

  11. Great video Sonic.. you really should consider doing an ICO for a mining farm. You would do great.


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