The Outlook on Cryptocurrency Mining – GPU vs ASIC vs FPGA

The Outlook on Cryptocurrency Mining - GPU vs ASIC vs FPGA
VoskCoin livestream on the Outlook on Cryptocurrency Mining – GPU vs ASIC vs FPGA with Q&A. Text version of todays video – — The landscape of cryptocurrency mining changes faster than crypto itself let us evaluate the current ways that cryptocurrencies are generated and their networks secured tonight with the relevant mining hardware.

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The Outlook on Cryptocurrency Mining – GPU vs ASIC vs FPGA

15 thoughts on “The Outlook on Cryptocurrency Mining – GPU vs ASIC vs FPGA”

  1. Hi, @VoskCoin your video is very interesting, however, I do not have a miner, I stake out and I earn bitcoins with my pc, and in other cryptocurrencies, the best one with which I earn considerably is with deeponion, you know? I would like to know your opinion.

  2. Vosk you have been such a bummer to watch lately, whats with all the negativity, where is the inspiration and optimism like when you 1st started this venture. Bad news is what it is, Inspire us with solutions.

  3. why is RVN so under estimated? Because it would take years for an asic to get 16 algos in one and if they then do use simply other 16 new algos after fork. We should drop all hashing power away from ZEC and Ether and put it into RVN. Wanna see their faces when 1000 Th´s dropping in their network and how much worth their network then is!

  4. I've licked my GPU's. Saliva works even better than RGB lighting to increase hash rates.

  5. Vosk mate thank you for your effort, thanks to you i got into crypto mining in january. I need your advice. I have one 1070ti rig that is at 50% of ROI. I am thinking about investing in another rig, most probably Vega 56 because Monero showed that it intend to stay Asic resistant. What do you think would be the best thing to do:
    1) invest right now
    2) wait to see impact of Bitmain Equhash Asic – probably price of Gpus will go lover
    3) wait for another crypto market bullrun
    4) maybe you have some other sugestion
    I forgot to mention that my electricity rate is really cheap at 0.08 cents for KwH
    Thanks mate!

  6. GPU mining is going away. People need to start looking at other avenues for revenue in crypto like decent masternodes.

  7. Need some help with simple Mining can you go check out the video on my page out and tell me what’s the problem that I’m having I would appreciate it thanks.

  8. I do not think there will be enough Antminer Z9's to meet demand and a lot of miners will probably still be buying the new line of GPUs. Isn't the GDDR5X the bottleneck on Nvidia cards when it comes to mining? The new cards will have at least 50% more memory and GDDR6 is quiet a bit faster. I could be wrong though! I guess we will know by xmas time haha.
    Side note: I got 2 GTX 1080FE that are liquid cooled which I got for free and I make about $4-$5 per day depending on the value of the coins. Is that decent or should I look for a new algorithm?

  9. Hey Vosk! Have you heard the news that the B3 miner would have just been ''cracked'' and ported for the GTX 1050? An ASIC ''cracked'' and ported? whattt?

  10. Love the videos but wish you would have up loaded the whole stream since I couldn’t watch it live

  11. We should resist ASIC miners because 95 percent of regular people can’t deal with a turbine, howling, box around our living space….Secondary by buying into ASICS, you give the control/manipulation to Bitmain….so where’s the decentralisation..

  12. How to setup FPGA video? Are these the future of mining because of their efficiency and programmability?
    Good info thanks. There's a lot going on at the moment. Good to hear tails is better!

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