The next Indian stock market bull run

The next Indian stock market bull run
This is a preliminary short video wherein I have tried to explain how foreign institutional investors make dollar denominated investments and evaluate their actual and probable return also in US dollar terms. I have explained this point by taking the example of Indian NRI investing in Indian stock market and taking back the profit to the country where the NRI is based/works currently.

Dollex 30 or Nifty in US dollar term chart has broken out of a large 9-10 year triangle and is giving an indication of the onset of a big bull market in Indian stock market over next 3-5 years.

2018 is the year when investors should try to pick high quality small cap companies have the potential to become mid and large cap in the times to come. Hence series and astute stock investors should use every dip or correction in Indian stock market during 2018 to buy quality stocks and build a long term portfolio and benefit from the anticipate multi year bull market after the domestic political scene settles down.

URL link of my last 2 video analysis on this subject is as follows:

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Shankar Mazumder is a consistently successful professional stock investor and trader.
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Shankar has worked in TOP IT companies in various leadership roles across geographies for 15 years, before chasing his passion of stock trading/investing for a living. Shankar is a full time professional trader and investor since 2014 and is presently based in his hometown Bhopal.

Shankar uses a unique combination of fundamental and technical analysis to spot the growth stocks and multibaggers for his personal portfolio. His trading system is based on pure price action, institutional demand supply, multi-time frame trend analysis, stock selection and market psychology. He believes that all other sophisticated sounding concepts are built on these five elements. Shankar offers educational and knowledge services specific to stock investing and trading.

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The next Indian stock market bull run

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  1. Only valid point to halt dolax or dollor wise rally if dollor gets weaken . if that is the case then it is visible that trump is trying to kill the dollar to improve USA exports and keep imports costly, on the other hand China the largest oil importer started yuaan trading in oil threatening petrol dollor.

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