The Home GPU Mining Dream Is Dead – What To Do Next?

The Home GPU Mining Dream Is Dead - What To Do Next?
talking about the falling profits and inevitable end of home GPU mining.

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The Home GPU Mining Dream Is Dead – What To Do Next?

14 thoughts on “The Home GPU Mining Dream Is Dead – What To Do Next?”

  1. I think you underestimate the fact that some miners are primarily concerned with accumulating coins to hold for the long term. Also, not everyone lives in a country where they can convert fiat to crypto. Mining is the only way they can get coins.

  2. it's true, you can't really mine anymore if you don't have an edge such as a large scale operation to compete with the rising difficulty or free electricity. I was tempted to build a XMR mining rig because the coin is great and they have an anti-asic community that forks the PoW algo every 6 months but I realized it's just not worth it. I'd be better off keeping the money and just buying the coin now that it's around 80% down from ath.

  3. FUD….the only reason the market is down is due to artificial manipulation from the exchanges

  4. I managed 50 rigs of vegas+rx580s, downvolting them to as low as 160w per vega and 130w per rx580 on the wall, while paying the electricity of 5c per KwH.I think the best bet would be to mine coins that is in the balance of difficulty and potential price increase when project hits its milestones in the roadmap.

  5. I am running two 1070s and I just mine $DBIX and hope there is still a chance for it to go back up, im spending $30 in electric and making 15 dbix/ month. The most easiest way to make money, is on #TIME !

  6. it wont go back to 6k look at btc progression. btc will jump to 80k and then fall back to its new low, i think around 18k will be its new low after the jump. If btc jumps and then falls like it has in the past those numbers make since.

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