The Best Time To Buy Cryptocurrency According To “Experts”

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The Best Time To Buy Cryptocurrency According To “Experts”

16 thoughts on “The Best Time To Buy Cryptocurrency According To “Experts””

  1. Prices moon "waaah I missed out". Prices tank "waaah what's happening?"…smh, patience. A lot of cryptocurrencies will end up roadkill. Some won't. Do your homework and above all else, DON'T SPEND MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE.

  2. I swear they said it was the best time 2 months ago. 😂 Experts suck. Just buy the dips and HODL 🤑

  3. I give him 4 months before he quits. You can tell his attitude towards crypto is starting to diminish. I don't see crypto market increasing in the short term. I don't believe he'll keep making these videos soon.

  4. Be carefull friends in this bear market; because trading sharks are being fed with your hope and dreams of a better life!

  5. down 600$ in the last 10 minutes , this is so manipulated so we give in and the big money comes in , I got buys at 50$ for ltc and 5588 btc

  6. I was just thinking, if everyone set there Browsers Start-Up window to open up at the result of searching for "Bitcoin" , then the number of Bitcoin searches will go up tremendously, in turn causing the price to move up some?? Just a thought!

  7. FYI – many libraries, especially University libraries, will have access to the research papers via databases like EBSCO for free.

  8. It may be the case… But closer we are the more riskier it become. One might lose the bote. It takes only a day for these market to shoot

  9. Google trends are NOT an indicator, they react after the move has already happened.
    Just learn TA.

  10. Bought 100 odd omg, 300 odd xrp and 4000 odd fun yesterday while it was super low . Any news from cliff high? Don't seem to hear much from him these days? Great video as always!

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