Swing Trading Shares and Stock NEWS (HINDI)

Swing Trading Shares and Stock NEWS (HINDI)
Swing Trading Shares in the watchlist are critical for short term gains. Swing Trading Shares in my watchlist are mostly the stocks wherein FII/FPI/DII/Promoters are buying/increasing their stake. It is a positive news for the stock. Swing Trading in such stocks may return 5% to 10% return in a short span of 7-10 days.

On the other hand, the stocks in which FII/DII/promoters are selling their stake or promoters are pledging their stake is a bad news for stock & they are perfect swing trading candidate for shorting. Investors or traders who trade in the F&O segment can short.

Besides Swing Trading Shares, a lot of viewers request me to stock news related to change in shareholding pattern. As i explained that any stock news related to buying/selling by FII/DII/FPI/Promoters is a perfect opportunity to shortlist Swing Trading Shares.

Going forward, i will be sharing the stock news related to change in shareholding pattern and subsequent shortlisting of Swing Trading Shares on my twitter profile. You can follow me to get these updates. The link is mentioned in the description box and also in the comments section. I hope you will find this information related to Swing Trading Shares and Stock News useful for your trading and investment.

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Swing Trading Shares and Stock NEWS (HINDI)

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