Surviving a Bear Cryptocurrency Market as a Mining Farm Operator – June 2018 Update

Surviving a Bear Cryptocurrency Market as a Mining Farm Operator - June 2018 Update
Just when there seems to be hope, you wake up and see CoinMarketCap bathing in blood as all of your favorite cryptocurrencies lose 5%, 10%, or 20%+ of their value within the past 24 hours. These losses severely impact mining rig investments, like our mining farm here at VoskCoin.

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Surviving a Bear Cryptocurrency Market as a Mining Farm Operator – June 2018 Update

20 thoughts on “Surviving a Bear Cryptocurrency Market as a Mining Farm Operator – June 2018 Update”

  1. HI there!! Please make a video how to mine lux coin on simpleming OS, there was a fork in lux coin and they change for a new algo PHI1612 Today is the most profitable coin to mine, we will survive the bear attack LOL

  2. Hey cool. I'm in dc too. I think i might try 100% water cooled. I've heard good things even in very hot climates. Im hoping the 1180 can bring some margin to justify the added cost. .. or fpga, though I don't want to have to take a course in logic gates. haha

  3. I'm calling out the exit strategy building in office making more money on his social media and affiliate links we got ourselves another Doug Polk

  4. @Voskcoin – I just love your videos. Excellent forecasting and planning. If I can ask, what percentage of your invested farm is now in masternodes/secure nodes?

  5. Did you see the spike in SHA 256 diff. on the 5th June Vosk??? could be the next Bitmain machines???

  6. I understand the not having an AC running for that added expense but what are you doing to fight moisture?

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  8. Thanks for the update. 🙂

    As for bigger walls of echo, floor and ceiling. Obviously your floor is epoxy. Maybe consider some insulation on the ceiling.

  9. Ty again for you'r videos, you have any nodes with zencash? what ratio give's you? Ty again!

  10. I come here for a warm reassuring hug and someone to tell me everything is going to be okay. You have failed me vosk. Now I will see if brandon or spartan will tell me all is good.

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