QUAR Network – A Decentralized Version of Bitpay – Review & Mining Guide

QUAR Network - A Decentralized Version of Bitpay - Review & Mining Guide
In this video I take a brief look at QUAR Network, a new cryptocurrency project that totes itself as a decentralized version of Bitpay. Their use case is focused on mainstream adoption of multiple cryptos by making it easy for retailers to accept crypto. Awesome Miner mining guide is included.

This is a new project, so I’m merely presenting it for the sake of speculation. Please do your own research before making a decision to invest in any cryptocurrency.

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◆QUAR: qbnC619ykn5DYmotVksDBiMsWk2tqjQ7CK

📘Table of Contents:
◆ 00:08 Intro
◆ 00:18 MoonDEX Exchange
◆ 00:41 QUAR Website
◆ 01:08 Bitpay Website
◆ 01:36 QUAR’s Use Case
◆ 04:26 Roadmap
◆ 05:19 Coin Stats
◆ 05:35 Masternode Collateral
◆ 08:03 PickAxe.Pro Mining Pool
◆ 08:54 PickAxe.mn Masternode Store
◆ 09:42 Windows Wallet Setup
◆ 10:36 Awesome Miner Download
◆ 11:04 nVidia Mining Guide
◆ 18:46 AMD Mining Guide
◆ 28:20 Final Thoughts
💻QUAR Network Website: https://quarnetwork.com/
💻MoonDEX Exchange: https://beta.moondex.io/market/MOONDEX.QUAR_MOONDEX.BTC
💻Awesome Miner: https://goo.gl/4u1WVc
💻PickAxe Mining Pool: https://pickaxe.pro/
💻PickAxe Masternode SIte: https://pickaxe.mn/
💻Avermore Miner (AMD GPUs): https://github.com/brian112358/avermore-miner/releases
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QUAR Network – A Decentralized Version of Bitpay – Review & Mining Guide