Penny Stock Trading | Break Even

Penny Stock Trading | Break Even
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Penny Stock Trading | Break Even

13 thoughts on “Penny Stock Trading | Break Even”

  1. And I am wondering it ugaz will continue to push up past it's previous resistance at 75$ or push past. Curious to see. ugaz has been killing it.

  2. So when you trade you hold your position till the next support/resistance level on the 5min chart? And use the 1min for a good entry?

    Awesome video

  3. Love these videos. Thanks for putting them together, Connor. Have you ever considered using a direct access platform like Lightspeed? You would likely improve your entries and save on commissions.

  4. Hi there, I'm interested in your room trade. I trade with Colmax and the chart from tos. What do you think about this? Same time I see different prices between the chart and the level 2.

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