Opposition MPs return age limit consultation money

The National youth MP Anna Adeke claimed that their decision to return the money shows the kind of leadership they will offer the country when they take over.

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Opposition MPs return age limit consultation money
Opposition MPs return age limit consultation money

5 thoughts on “Opposition MPs return age limit consultation money”

  1. Obore has become too evil, not he talks by his stomach, yet he used to criticise m7 evil deeds, obore is stupid

  2. That was useless, Nonsense Just!. that money is now going to be misused by the NRM,. Atleast they should have given it away to orphanages or to single mums in their villages to support their kids in school and with other needs!!!

  3. How can you take back tax payers money you bunch of useless goons, big thanks to Kato Lubwama the peoples leader for taking it to the community

  4. U are very fake can't u utilize this money to do something in yo constituencies ga c ya. U wud buy beds in hospitals., furniture in skuls. U have low minds mbu muli bulungi nyo. I wish one would jst donate 10m I stop suffering in toilets instead of taking back the moni

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