My Mortgage Payoff Journey | My plan to pay off over $500K (-$458,027)

My Mortgage Payoff Journey | My plan to pay off over 0K (-8,027)
In this video I not only discuss my current plans to pay off my mortgage but I also discuss the truth about home refinancing, lending, and what happens when you enter into a loan agreement with the lender’s terms.

People ask me this a lot: What do I do for a living? Here’s the answer..I’m a magician. I am. For me, money grows on trees and is as abundant as raindrops falling from heaven. Yup…that’s it, heaven grants me my wishes and my heart’s desires simply because it is law. For real…all sacred texts say so…so why wouldn’t YOU believe it to be true?

I am a student of Abraham-Hicks and the law of attraction. Much of what you see in my videos are a result of that. I co-create magic with the higher energy that a lot of people choose to call God or Allah or Spirit. That and I have really awesome friends.

But in layman’s terms, I am a computer software engineer by day and a landlord (which is really passive income for me). I earn about an additional K a year dibbling and dabbling in things as far and wide as book sales to eBate refunds to Amazon Mturk to consultant work to teaching workshops to accepting money for my birthday and to my latest…creating YouTube videos.

A lot of YouTubers have PO boxes listed. I don’t. Want to send me a gift…Watch my videos, leave comments…those things are the best gifts ever. Still want to send me something…ok..ok. Go on over to Amazon and pick up one of my books…now that would be really dope. I left the information below πŸ™‚

The following books are available on Amazon:

A Course in Gratitude by Tinesha Davis, Querin Hamilton and Ashley Williams aka Violet Grace Link:
Holler at the Moon by Tinesha Davis Link:
All Black Girls Ain’t Got Rhythm by Tinesha Davis Link:

Anthologies in which I am a contributor:

Milk & Ink: A Mosaic of Motherhood by Eros-Alegra Clarke and Jordan Rosenfeld Link:
A Letter for My Mother by Nina Foxx (I write under the name Dominique Jackson) Link:

My Mortgage Payoff Journey | My plan to pay off over 0K (-8,027)