Mortgage Rules Update ‘June 2018’-Mortgage Currentcy

Mortgage Rules Update 'June 2018'-Mortgage Currentcy
Mortgage Currentcy ‘June 2018’ Agency Rules Issue Released!

We don’t just tell you what changed!

Our experts break it down into what you need to know to outpace your competition!

-19 NEW Social Media Posts
-2 NEW Mortgage Talking Points for Consumers
-1 NEW FHA Reference Chart
-1 UPDATED Fannie/Freddie Chart

14 NEW Updates, Including:
-Freddie Mac Updates HomePossible® & HomeOne®
-Fannie Mae-Updates Refinance Opportunities
-Fannie Mae-Issues HomeReady® Update
-Fannie Mae-BIG updates to the HomeStyle® Energy Program
-VA-Issue Policy Changes on VA Refinances
-FHA-New FAQ Database
-CFPB-Analyzes 2017 HMDA Data for Trends
-CFPB-Issues Results for Mortgage Shopping Study
-USDA-Expands Manufactured Home Pilot
Plus So Many More!

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Mortgage Rules Update ‘June 2018’-Mortgage Currentcy