Mortgage Broker UK #124 | Moving Home?

Mortgage Broker UK #124 | Moving Home?
Mortgage Broker UK
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Best Mortgage Deals for people moving home.

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One of my biggest tips for anyone getting a mortgage is to quite simply use an Independent Mortgage Broker, even if it’s not us. When it comes to your biggest debt it’s really important to seek professional advice.

Ben Parry is the owner of Barr Financial an Independent Mortgage Broker UK firm. If you would like to join him on his business journey with the ups, downs & challenges of growing and developing a business, then check out “The Daily” playlist.

With a background in finance, property investment and on the job training of starting and developing two companies, he has experience and knowledge to share.

His businesses include Barr Financial and an early stages Tech Startup. Keep tuned in to find out more on that one!

Ben started Barr Financial in 2009 at the height of the financial crisis to offer his clients truly Independent Advice. Despite the financial crisis, he has grown the company from a one-man operation into a successful business helping clients throughout the UK.

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Mortgage Broker UK #124 | Moving Home?