4 thoughts on “Mining Farm Update 08/13/18 – Apartment Mining”

  1. nice tent for cooling!!! I look forward to seeing your other farm!!!! glad to come across your channel

  2. With the grow tent do you pump cool air in to circulate and then suck out the heat and air?
    Or do you just solely suck out the heat from within the tent produced by the cards?
    I am interested in getting a grow tent and outtake fan to do this as I have a few rigs & rent/live in a studio apartment. 😉

  3. Ok I watched a few videos now.
    I've been trading for 19 y's & I would suggest you read some books on "Trading strategy & psychology" & "risk management".
    You said in one video you would wait with a profit sale until the prices go up. Sell 70% if you have profit & gamble on the 30%. Coz if the prices falls you'll be in a bad spot. Always take home profits! Don't wait…..that's how people gets ruined!

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