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Posted By on September 5, 2017

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Loans personal Credit card online Bank of America 777

Osu created by Dean Herbert
Osu website:
Persona 4 created by Atlus
Atlus website:
I could not find the creator(s) of the song “Junes Theme”, if you know who made the song, please comment their name(s), I do not want to get a strike on my channel
Beat map made by -kevincela-
Beat map link

I do not own the song in this video, I have only downloaded the beat map, I did not create the beat map, song, game, or the animation the song is from in this video, only the mouse movements are my own. Please give credit to the official creators.

I almost forgot to post something today, I was preoccupied by Roblox. This is the first beat map i completed using the z and x buttons, I guess there will be less comments about that. Not sure if the clock will tick over 12 before i get this video posted, if it does then i will continue posting every-other day, but still say this one was posted on the fourth. I am running out of things to say other than my progress with “Make It”. I have made no progress with the song yet, mainly because I have not played it for two days, but after I post this, I will get on it. Hello, me from after I typed this rant, I played the “Make It” beat map while posting this video and I got 2/3 the way through, not sure if I can get past that though, anyway, back to the rant. And yes, the disclaimer above will be in every video.

Please comment a link to a beat map or a song you would like me to play on this channel, I am almost out of songs to post, and I have no ideas on songs I should play. It helps to know what my viewers like.

Persona 4 “Junes Theme” [Hard] Osu (Credit in description)