One thought on “Live Small Account Day Trading on Stream! – Penny Stock Watchlist – Beginner Trading”

  1. Dude… I've been following your channel for months but i just cant subscribe. At least not yet…You have some good content and reviews but your trading..?? How long does somebody keep trading as a "beginner" trader (since 2016 seriously)? Why don't you just focus on your own trading for now and stop distracting yourself with this live YouTube channel? If you have the money, upgrade your Tradenet account and stop trading trash stocks that are getting you nowhere. Maybe even go back to your demo account so you can practice with realistic share size instead of trading scared. A trading rehab or something… You are approaching the halfway mark for you max account drawdown and not evolving into a better trader. I know this sounds harsh but its the cold reality. I want you to be successful. I'm not just trolling your account. Trust me… I have been in your shoes.

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