Is _______ Mining Over? Post YOUR Opinion!

Is _______ Mining Over? Post YOUR Opinion!
Just F my comments up fam – What do you think? Is it over? I’ll get the conversation started. My thoughts on GPU/FPGA/ASIC Mining and my recommendations because I get asked a LOT! #cryptocurrency #mining #blockchain

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Is _______ Mining Over? Post YOUR Opinion!

16 thoughts on “Is _______ Mining Over? Post YOUR Opinion!”

  1. Fair warning: This is a sit-in-a-chair-and-talk video. I'm not so much a fan of watching these types of videos myself, but this video isn't for me, it's for you. Let me know what you think about the current climate!

  2. Vosk Coin saying ASIC Dead? video.. Id say so for now until USD gets unstable.. China makes a deal with the US.. Once that deal is made I feel the US Dollar will destabilize causing Crypto prices to gain ground once again.

  3. Either way whatever it is for KYC the IPO means to me something is wrong that they need outside money and I never liked them and their market saturation idea nor the manipulation of currency to effect their own end goal. That is why we got away from banks in the crypto world.

    So why would I support the bitmain enemy? Oh because with a coupon I can save a $100 on the upfront price when over 4 months I would have save more than that on power just a complete no brainer than people have not sat done and done the math. For about $100 more I would gladly aid to help another maker gain a foothold which will help spread the cash like we try to spread the hash but also create competition.

  4. Unless the GPU power consumption comes down to 20-30watts atleast. Or unless manufacturers can make them consume 10-20watts per card.. Mining is on its Shitcaae.

  5. Gpu+acorn might be the holy grail.
    And don't discount amds longevity and mining efficiency.
    Vega+acorn is going to be a monster.

  6. Speaking of making it easy…. Have you heard of vertcoin? They have a one click miner that makes it so even the biggest noobs can mine!

  7. saying that mining is not profitable is a weird thing to say… because yes if you are mining day to day then its basically not worth it unless you have a 1070 or higher, but for the long run they are very profitable, because watch, when the next spike happens people will be buying gpu's left and right, cryptocurrecny is ment for the long term

  8. Just 10 months ago, everybody was rushing to buy mining rigs. GPU prices skyrocketed like going to the moon. Things have changed now, used GPUs are widely available for sale. Many have stopped mining.
    Thanks to for introducing me to this awesome channel

  9. What about trading bots like Profit Trailer they run on major crypto exchange like Bittrex or Binance and make daily profits trading even when market is bearish they make profits. What do you think?

  10. Artificial Intelligence machines are fooling people into giving up their hard earned money and electricity (power) and computer resources to some crypt-ography data that could be used for dark web or whatever else.

  11. I feel like we aren't going to hit another bull run for a while but that's okay. I like being able to buy everyone else's hardware for next to nothing.

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