How To Trade The Best Stocks In 2018 | Stock Criteria

How To Trade The Best Stocks In 2018 | Stock Criteria
I made this video to share the concept of creating a set list of criteria you believe a stock should offer before you take a position. i hope that this concept and examples i gave can act as a catalyst for your success!


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How To Trade The Best Stocks In 2018 | Stock Criteria

12 thoughts on “How To Trade The Best Stocks In 2018 | Stock Criteria”

  1. Great video and just join LPP last week and now all green week on five trades, thank you so much

  2. I bought a share of Berkshire b before close at 197 I was trying to get 8 shared of bank of America cuz there earning reports come out pre open Monday but I didn't have enough we'll see though still holding tesla , veritone, and micron

  3. Hey Ricky, can you make a video on how to know when to sell in partials and when to sell the entire position at once?

  4. 5 thumbs up, this guy's good, I've been on his team for along time now, he knows what he's talking about!!!

  5. Ricky and the techbud team, we are grateful for your mentoring. Great attitude. Consistency. Boom.

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