How to mine cryptocurrency…let’s mine some nimiq!!

How to mine cryptocurrency...let’s mine some nimiq!!
Crypto Jes shows you how to mine nimiq. So not
only can you WIN nimiq through us but now you can MINE your own!! Don’t forget this isn’t financial advise and we are not financial advisors! Start mining!!!

How to setup your NIMIQ ADDRESS:

Nimiq website:


Coin Bros Website:

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How to mine cryptocurrency…let’s mine some nimiq!!

11 thoughts on “How to mine cryptocurrency…let’s mine some nimiq!!”

  1. Thanks for the shoutout 🙂 FYI the pool info was not correct in the vid but here is the correct pool info if you are in the USA: (if you goto, you can see the mining stats by pasting your nimiq wallet on that page. Give it a few minutes though then refresh. That page also shows you more pool info if the miner is located outside of the USA!

  2. This info vid was good, yet still waiting for that crypto cooking video 😛 sharing some crypto noodle recipes and such haha NQ35 9JXF PP3Q 85TL DD89 79C2 AS18 N7SG 6F7R

  3. Cool. And now you have nimiq miners here it would be great if you could add nimiq donation address with your videos.

  4. A very cool project, again a great video, thank you, best regards from Germany NQ18 96U8 R681 P3YQ 296M P1JV 27XT VYG2 592C

  5. My phone is now mining ETN and my computer is on nimiq 😀
    Thanks for all coinbros
    NQ10 B7EC SU4Y 5AV6 TJSS SJ46 M7SP B59N G8UY

  6. Wowsa!! 4000 NIM! Yes please! ;-D
    Been browser mining for weeks now.. Only 300 NIMs so far..

  7. Another good way to mine is docker images… It's even GPU friendly to use docker … NQ08 30HG LKVF 6KRE SAYR MLSU KPYF M3M5 QMQY

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