How to be profitable mining Cryptocurrency

How to be profitable mining Cryptocurrency
In this video I explain how to use certain website so that you know What Not To Mine!

I mentioned a couple resources and methods I used for finding projects that might be worth doing some speculative or launch mining on!

You’ll also see my little workbench, 6 GPU mining rig that is able to earn more from mining than what a sheep, following the herd with a 200 GPU mining farm could earn!

Below are links to the 2 GPU cards I use for nearly all of my rigs!
Get the AMD RX580s I recommend here
Get the NVIDIA 1070 ITs I use here

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How to be profitable mining Cryptocurrency

4 thoughts on “How to be profitable mining Cryptocurrency”

  1. Well, but you still have to pay your electricity bills, so project should be on exchange. Have a look at SUQA, it is already in CMC and in all the mining calculators.

  2. Like your spin on things, and I agree. I do have a couple of rigs with high end gpus on them. The past month or so 1 to 2 days a week I aim them at some new coins that I think could grow in years to come, the other days I aim them at large cap coins as unfortunately I still need to be able to pay electricity for my rigs. But agree the long term money for miners lies in new coins.

  3. finally, someone, I agree with who understands, I miss those days back when forms were full of competent people, everyone became too focused on institutional investors for the value but not the project itself.

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