How I Tripled My Youtube Income – How To Make Money Online

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How I Tripled My Youtube Income – How To Make Money Online

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How I Tripled My Youtube Income - How To Make Money Online
How I Tripled My Youtube Income – How To Make Money Online

16 thoughts on “How I Tripled My Youtube Income – How To Make Money Online”

  1. YES!!! It is SO MUCH WORK!!! I get up at 4 am EVERY morning just to edit my videos. Highly edited videos take me anywhere from 3-10 hours to edit. I also have a full time job (and a 5 year old which is like another FT job) so my life is scheduled by the minute so it all gets done.
    That income is AMAZING!!! I wish I had your views. I know if I would go 5 days a week I would get so many more views and my income would increase but I just don't know that I could come up with the extra time to get it all done

  2. This is inspiring thanks… I'm currently a student at OSU so I'm conflicted with time and motivation to do everything- studying, my TA job, and videos…. I'm definitely getting tested this semester on how to truly handle my time.

  3. Can you elaborate on the SEO part of video making? YouTube analytics or are there other websites that help with this? As always, thanks for all your info!!

    FYI – I live in Houston – just watched the worst flooding ever. Thankfully I was ok but houses only 4 blocks down from me were not. I put up a couple of vlogs. Here's a link to one – this was taken during the 3 days of rain and flooding – it was incredible:

    Here's a more "after" compilation :

    Thanks, again, for all your helpful tips!

  4. You are so right and congrats on all of your success! I'm studying Communication and doing YouTube on the side for my nonprofit and for myself. YouTube side hussles are no joke!

  5. Hi! Glad I came across this video! I have recently really been trying to grow my channel.

    I work full time (50+ hours) and mama of 2 kiddos with a hubbie who travels 90% for work. So its hard to find the time. Do you have any advice?

  6. I'm definitely interested in figuring out how to do the YouTube thing. I did figure that having a schedule and knowing what you are going to talk about it key. My biggest detractor is figuring out how to film, edit, and all the YouTube things with cards and descriptions and thumbnails. Just haven't put in the time on that yet. But I love the idea of this being a side hustle type job that can help me pay for things like a mortgage! You are doing awesome!!

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