GW Credit Card, Daemon Primarch Angron, AND Adeptus Arbites Coming To 40k? Let’s Talk RUMOURS!

I’ve been away for a few days and even though we don’t usually cover rumours, a few things caught my eye that I thought we should have a chat about. What do you reckon, to any of it? Or all of it? Plausible, stupid, good, bad? Let me know in the comments!


GW Credit Card, Daemon Primarch Angron, AND Adeptus Arbites Coming To 40k? Let's Talk RUMOURS!
GW Credit Card, Daemon Primarch Angron, AND Adeptus Arbites Coming To 40k? Let’s Talk RUMOURS!

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13 thoughts on “GW Credit Card, Daemon Primarch Angron, AND Adeptus Arbites Coming To 40k? Let’s Talk RUMOURS!”

  1. People go on about the Chaos primarchs as if they're a big happy family… they're not. They hate each other and are just as much enemies to one another as they are to the Imperium.

  2. There is no way Guilliman could win a one on one fight with Angron.
    I know GW like to throw logic out the window when it comes to what the Ultramarines can achieve (seemingly anything and everything) but Angron is not only a daemon Primarch but was a damn gladiator, an expert in single combat.

    I don't understand how Guilliman could defeat any daemon Primarch, in comparison to the others G-man was never the best warrior he was a master tactician and administrator. I'd say any Primarch should have been able to take on Bobby-G even back during the heresy, except possibly Lorgar or Alpha-Omegon. For him to defeat 2 daemon Primarchs is ludicrous let alone 3.

  3. I have zero issues with a loyalty card, BUT how would it work for independent stockists? GW stores would have some kind of card reader or program automatically put onto their registers so that would be fine for them. But what do they do for the non-GW stores? Would that just screw them over cause they don't offer the loyalty points but the online store does?

    Kinda hoping for a second loyalist primarch before chaos gets their third. Even if not for fairness, because demon primarchs cost a lot more money than girlyman would by himself.

    Can definitely see arbites and genestealer cults coming to necromunda, that's easy.
    You say it would be out of place for an army of space cops to be fighting an ork horde, but what about genestealer cults fighting an ork horde? I'm pretty sure the cults are mostly a planetary based force just like the arbites, so that means the orks would have to come to them on an imperial planet, and if orks are on an imperial planet then the arbites are probably gonna want to have a word with them too.
    A few years ago it was difficult to imagine seeing an army of IG stormtroopers but they're a thing now, just had to throw in the option for a few vehicles and it's totally plausible. I can see the arbites being part of the Talons of the Emperor stuff instead of their own force. Maybe they use the Acolyte datasheet and give them a trait/tactic/doctrine/attribute that is arbite related.

  4. The primarchs I'm hoping to see come back soon are Vulkan (lives!) and Fulgrim. Fulgrim especially because I want to see what the perfect child looks like when he's all warpified by daemonhood.

  5. Kirioth, you're talking crap. You under estimate Guilliman. But, yes, we need a new Loyalist primarch

  6. So I know that celestial daemons are a thing in Age of Sigmar in the form of lizardmen. Is their a 40k equivalent of that? I know there's some unexplained stuff in the 40k universe…could we have a celestial daemon primarch? A loyalist imbued with otherworldly powers? Like what about that dead blood angles primarch?

  7. I could see GW partnering with an existing bank to provide either a GW branded VISA or MC that builds up GW points for every purchase the same way that a US card might stack up airline miles; or a store card that only works at the company, like an Exxon or Sears card, that is attractive as baby's first plastic – the pitch is that young adults get free GW swag while building up a credit rating for the future. The first is just a quirky way to show your fan status and pick up some occasional freebies. The second is less useful and more potentially exploitative. Which makes me suspect it's the right answer, because GW. In neither case are they providing more than their name and logos on top of the paperwork from the actual existing lender.

  8. You can't compare Sigmar and 40k model sizes really… do that same comparison but with a skeleton warrior and a space marine and you'll see the skellie is tiny. Those bloodbound guys are huge hulk dudes.

  9. xD really liked your view on things this time, especially the accurate description of how a fight between magnus and girlyman would go
    and completely agree with the grey knights needing to lose
    would be cool for agron to go against the nids with a new release, they could give him a decent fight and provide enough blood to tempt him in that direction
    nids need a new release, the next invasion is way overdue and the swarmlord could give an interesting fight and it dieing wouldnt be as story critical since it could just be reformed
    possibly tainted by khorne to give some extra fluff to it, it already hates everything so wanting to see it bleed wouldnt be a stretch
    i really hope its not a new loyalist primarch, there are way to many marines already

    also arbites do cover systems sometimes, but usually a single arbites overseeing several worlds local arbites equivalent
    never really in numbers to hold of an invasion
    arbites also wouldnt make good models, since they just use rhinos so they wouldnt selml much new of that stuff

  10. What if GW partners with a pre-existing lender to offer a premium card that offers loyalty points or cash back on GW products?

    Would we support an initiative that could leave us indebted to GW?

    I would like to see feedback on this. Please, reply with a germaine comment.

  11. A GW Credit Card would simply be an existing Creditor, like Visa or MasterCard, licensed by GW to make a themed card. I. That situation, reward points would be usable only at GW.

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