Gee money’s baby momma reacts to his death!

Gee money's baby momma reacts to his death!
Gee money’s baby momma reacts to his death!

Baton rouge Rapper Da Real Gee Money who had beef with NBA Youngboy got killed and shot after dissing nba youngboy,according to reports nba youngboy and his crew are suspects.

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Baton Rouge Rapper “Gee Money” KILLED,Police want to speak NBA YoungBoy

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  1. Bro all this yb gonna get in trouble how tf could dat happen as long as he didn't personally do the murder he straight how many time have rappers put out hits after beefing and police never catch them for instance lil Reese had a vid saying imma kill u Jojo he died nothing happen lil Marc same case died a week after nothing happen ttb nez said catch lil la imma shot him in his face and nothing happen so stfu about yb this n that he straight on gang

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