Ethereum Reduces Block Reward | ETH GPU Mining Will No Longer Be Profitable

Ethereum Reduces Block Reward | ETH GPU Mining Will No Longer Be Profitable
While I was trying to enjoy my trip to Christopher Newport University I was saddened with the official confirmation that Ethereum developers simply do not care for their GPU mining community.

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In the recent Ethereum developers livestream by the Ethereum Foundation it was officially confirmed that the ETH mining block reward will be reduced from 3 Ether to 2 Ether in their hopes to curb inflation and appeal their investors / stakeholders.

With clear disinterest from the Ethereum team of developers to work on a new mining algorithm and their continued focus of developing their PoS Proof of Stake model.There is an extremely low probability of ETH adopting a new PoW Proof of Work algorithm especially one that is best for GPU mining such as ProgPOW.

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Ethereum Reduces Block Reward | ETH GPU Mining Will No Longer Be Profitable

12 thoughts on “Ethereum Reduces Block Reward | ETH GPU Mining Will No Longer Be Profitable”

  1. Etherdevs killed the ethermine star

    Etherdevs killed the ether market cap

    in your house or in your car

    the ether devs don't get blockchain

    oh oh oh oh oohhhh

  2. I'm sorry but listening to kids that sound like they're no older than 20 years old lead a Dev team = See ya later. Lots of bright talent out there but nobody under 30 has any business making big decisions like so, too young not enough Wisdom don't care how well they can program. Through all my years, the younger they are the worse at decision making they are. Sad but ETH is dead.

  3. So just to be clear. There is no coin in your opinion , that can or will be profitable in the future?

  4. Buy Silver cheap and undervalued JP Morgan apparently losing their short positions soon … why ?!?! they also own like 1/3 of the world's investment gold

  5. Decentralized my foot! All controlled by dev who just dropped the project or even major sold off. They can't work all day on and on you know. They just wanna take profit and then enjoy plenty of jiggy jiggy.

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