Don’t Be Fooled – Cryptocurrency Will Make A Lot Of People Very Rich

Don't Be Fooled - Cryptocurrency Will Make A Lot Of People Very Rich
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Don’t Be Fooled – Cryptocurrency Will Make A Lot Of People Very Rich

11 thoughts on “Don’t Be Fooled – Cryptocurrency Will Make A Lot Of People Very Rich”

  1. with stack mastercard debit card and stk token you will be able to go into store and buy piece of candy in canada anyway within the next few weeks tap and pay

  2. Respectfully, you are saying crypto is not going to be mainstream while you also mention that in 2022 Africa will adopt crypto because of smartphones (together within India). I don't understand what you mean. if Africa and India get into crypto it sounds pretty mainstream to me

  3. Shift Visa card via Coinbase – I've bought coffee at Starbucks, Gas at Shell, Sushi at Kamikazi's … etc. Why do they keep saying you can't get a cup of coffee w/crypto?

  4. That’s what I am afraid of for the guy in the street also. It’s too late and most are not awake enough to get there in time.

  5. Bitcoin adoption will happen. Please note, until nearly every grey haired male and female over the age of 60 will need to die, and 15 years of children being born and them growing into adults is when full adoption will occur.

    Whats interesting, I don't think the world is ready to fully switch over to bitcoin. Its a proper things for smart and wealthy(IE not poor) people to being using it. but I don't think full adoption will occur until 2025 earliest… And we don't get another major moon until 2nd half 2019.

    This fall could be interesting. Midterms could provide a boost to bitcoin. n

  6. I couldn't agree more. Yes, the very wealthy can see quite clearly the value of crypto currencies. It's the perferct store of wealth. The amount of BTC/LTC etc that can ever exist is pre determined. Think about that. Not too long now and the currency that pays your rent and buys your food will be different from the currency that contains your wealth. Whatever you do, hold your crypto.

  7. I'm single with no kids and minimal bills. I'm investing huge amounts into crypto, and am not concerned if it all fails and I lose it all. All we get paid for is risk. And there is no dream path without big risk.

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