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Buying the most contreversial shoe of 2017 and what many people are calling the worst sneaker of the YEAR! Let me know what you think of the BRAND NEW sneaker store and also what you think of the sneakers that I added into my sneaker collection!

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DSP learns that Twitch is doing a charity event for the most recent natural disasters occurring with hurricane Harvey and Irma. He is on board as long as he gets in on the money too since Twitch isn’t taking away from DSPs income from the donations.

Also he wont do a charity stream because he is in dire straights but needs to take days off the following week.

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DSP Tries It: Exploiting Natural Disasters For Money
DSP Tries It: Exploiting Natural Disasters For Money

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  1. $260 in Australia man I absolutely love the shoe I got two pairs… I do love flyknit tho I have 5 pairs of Air Force 1 flyknits… and a few Air Max Flyknits too…

  2. i think maybe the waxed laces are kind of weird. For a shoe that's mostly made of fly knit, a very sports-inspired/performance based material, it really clashes to have waxed laces which is commonly associated with high fashion or at least premium sneakers. it just seems a bit out of place. Have you tried swapping them out for just some standard red or black laces?

  3. I'm still without power here in Florida, my food in the freezer went bad, my cat had to go to the vet, I haven't slept well in days, nobody seems to know when the power will be restored and this pig roach is whining about charity? Fuck this guy for trying to make everything about him.

  4. This is the same guy with a Business Degree…

    The fuck he get it from? A cereal box?

    Let's look at this purely from a money perspective. If Phil even had HALF a fucking brain cell in that empty ass cranium of his, he'd know that doing a charity stream would do WONDERS for him.

    Even going 50/50, 60/40, etc., he'd probably make so much MORE money through everyone and their grandmother donating to the victims of Irma and Harvey. He'd probably see his biggest stream yet, and he could spin it as "Yeah, you guys helped me out, but you helped Irma and Harvey victims more, and that's what really matters."

    Not this dumblefuck.

    The SoK's implosion was on a scale literally unheard of. When…*WHEN* DSP finally does lose it all, I honestly believe his fall will trump the fuck out of Fred's, and knowing Phil, he'll find a way to do just that.

  5. DarkSydePhil: Just when you think he's hit the lowest of the lowest of the lowest of the lowest of the low he somehow make you remember that there really is no low point for him.

  6. Oh I don't have to do anything and I still get the money!? Cool! Please donate!
    Oh I'd have to put actual effort!? Fuck you! You're a troll for suggesting the idea!

  7. By hearing how fast and how incoherently and continuously he's talking, you immediately realize that he's speaking to himself and not to the viewers. He got absorbed into his world. He's done, completely. He is no longer a human. He's just the remnants of his own mental processes. He truly strayed from God's Light… assuming he was near it in the first place…

  8. Even though he got HUGE tips this month, he's still gonna punish hi patreons when they don't meet the goal this month, as if all his money doesn't go to the same place.

  9. DSP is willing to "help" others as long as he has to do absolutely no work and can somehow take credit for it.

    A charity stream? Impossible, dude! I'll lose my house!

  10. Playing video games = busting my ass. I suppose it would be a pain in the ass if I was shitty at games as he is…

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