Building Canadian Finance & Canada’s Opportunity for CPAs | CPA PrimeTime 027

Building Canadian Finance & Canada’s Opportunity for CPAs | CPA PrimeTime 027
Don’t have time? Dominique, a CPA out of Ontario, makes time and it only takes her 60 sec. to make better content than 99% of the CPA market.

For the US listeners, you’re lucky. Why? Watch.

There’s a massive reason that I’m picking up Canadian & Australian accounting businesses, that I think you may be
interested in.

You already missed what is currently happening in Canada and Australia, because it happened in the US 3-4 years ago. Right in your backyard.

Financial services professionals and CPAs who bet on marketing via social in 2015, won.

They are the ones with 100,000+ subscribers and people buy anything they sell. You wonder why it is so hard to grow now…
that’s because you missed the train.

Now, you have to redirect your strategy to prevent yourself from being in an even worse position in 2020, when it will be even harder to grow organically and take advantage of making business connections and treating social like a 2018-2019 business mixer.

What are you really trying to achieve here?

Who’s networking and who’s spectating, just watching the ones who actually want it, go around and talk to everyone in the room, boosting their career?

Don’t let yourself be the spectator that takes no action.

For my small practitioners, you’ll find practical tips in starting a marketing campaign using your expertise and effort. If you don’t have effort, then you better have deep pockets as a solo practitioner. The video goes over more than what you usually hear from marketing content, especially in the accounting space.

Enjoy, and let me know which time stamp was the most valuable to you, for example, “18:54 – 19:29 interesting, that is something we’re changing at our firm/accounting business.”

I genuinely care about what is holding businesses in this industry back from reaching success faster. Time stamp and let me know your thoughts on a segment.

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Building Canadian Finance & Canada’s Opportunity for CPAs | CPA PrimeTime 027