Bitcoin Gold Mining Profitability – BLOCK #005

Bitcoin Gold Mining Profitability - BLOCK #005
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Mining Mondays this week looks at the profitability of mining bitcoin gold.

Bitcoin gold mining profitability can be easily worked out using an online mining calculator such as the one shown in this video.

However it is also a good idea not to rely on just one but try a few to get a decent rough idea as they are never 100% accurate.

Once you know just about how much bitcoin gold you can mine in a day, try using our strategy of mining an alternative coin which produces double the value in the same time and then simply selling for bitcoin gold on an exchange and earning double the bitcoin gold.

Double the profits!


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Bitcoin Gold Mining Profitability – BLOCK #005

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  1. Thanks for your videos!
    and the XEM deposit message: C9qGwGSD

  2. Why not use Awesome Miner to mine whatever pays the most at the time, then use Mining Pool Hub exclusively with it and have it convert any coins you don't want, to BTG automatically?

  3. I am holding back in buying BTG because I heard there where problems with it is this still the case

  4. Hi Ben rely like this PLS i have a question whats the better way to start ! buy a rig or use an existing PC ( my PC is 2 x 1080 Ti water cooled )

  5. I'm very glad am Ninja follower 🙂


    XEM Deposit message: 094097166154

    Interesting about Bitcoin gold, I have started to dabble with mining, I have a spare laptop mining Stellite each day thanks to your videos, along with my mobile phone Mining Electroneum(no stress on the phone as its in simulation, means free ETN each day just for leaving the app on) Good luck in the NEM draw everyone!

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