Binance Electroneum Add Next Big Thing For $ETN #Electroneum Mobil Mining Crypto

Binance Electroneum Add Next Big Thing For $ETN #Electroneum Mobil Mining Crypto
In this episode of crypto clout our friend faze crypto talks about Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange and the possibility of seeing #Binance the cryptocurrency exchange adding the Mobil Mining Crypto #Electroneum and in this video we explore the secret that this technology could reveal about the family of Bitcoin and other friendly technologies developing in this space.

Binance Electroneum Add Next Big Thing For $ETN #Electroneum Mobil Mining Crypto

18 thoughts on “Binance Electroneum Add Next Big Thing For $ETN #Electroneum Mobil Mining Crypto”

  1. We are not attetch any cloud mining or own $10k mining rig. "Just imagine,, ELECTRONEUM is just couple of dollar android Mobail can start to mine.

  2. I've finally evolved into a system that works for me. I make many XRP and alt coins trades, all at very small percentages of my BTC, that way if I make a charting mistake, or get stuck holding because of a BTC dip, then it's not a big deal because I go small bags only and just flip them at 10% gains, rinse and repeat. I also keep a dedicated chart that I created, nothing fancy, to record all my buys and sells and keep of running total of BTC (Satoshi) on hand. That said, if you all look through many alts, be them top 30 or even very obscure, you will find a several resting on support for the 1, 4 and 8hr charts, thus accumulation likely taking place. A few lucky ones pop and trigger my sell order in a day or two, while others need to be sat on awhile longer, but the sell orders are in already set so that I can sleep through it. One of my biggest faults in the early days was actually caring if I missed more profit and thus neglecting to sell. Now I dump a coin/token at 10%-20% profit and never look back or give it another thought. It's a lot like grinding from back in the poker days. It's a slow process, but making 5 bucks here, 10 bucks there, will eventually add up. And yes, I now ignore news, well, except for Chris' vids, of course. Now I can also use new strategies like P.A.S strategy, from Engr. Adams Hudsons from Uk, I got to utilize less than 10K in BTCs as investment, and I was able to make up to 75K profits in a week, you can also get more help from him at . All this boils down to me telling the world to invest, make profits and re-invest.

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  4. MetaMorph
    Can you do a update video on the coin metamorph and let the community know about this coin give us a price prediction, what's the future of this. Thank you

  5. If Electroneum is able to achieve their goals in true sense, then they will be able to capture a big market of over 2.2 billion smart phone users. We'll be keepign our eyes on this one!

  6. We already pissed CZ off a few months ago, dont think we will get listed for free and Richard aint gonna pay Binance was king in 2017 not anymore. Liquid in the increasingly regulated ecosystem, will be massive for us

  7. We dont need BINANCE. BINANCE needs Electroneum. CZ is probably worried about ETN crashing the system and tarnishing the BINANCE brand.

  8. Electroneum is soooooooo undervalued!!! Its great!! LOADING up all the time. I dont think the majority of the market knows whats coming with ETN

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