Baton Rouge Rapper ‘Da Real Gee Money’ Shot And Killed


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Everything Kulture. Leader of the new Skool
Baton Rouge Rapper ‘Da Real Gee Money’ Shot And Killed
Baton Rouge Rapper ‘Da Real Gee Money’ Shot And Killed

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(1147) Are Knockoffs Worth the Money?
(1147) Are Knockoffs Worth the Money?

26 thoughts on “Baton Rouge Rapper ‘Da Real Gee Money’ Shot And Killed”

  1. Its crazy the world filled with hating ass niggas LA Died the same way ; bloodmoney was killed after signing with Inter scope records ; Capo Signed a record deal weeks before he was killed; otf nunu Killed 2 days after signing … this shit really fucked up they killing all the good niggas that's trynna make a change.

  2. This was a really good video type. Maybe the knock off lock manufacturers can learn a little from you and make a more competitive product.

  3. I have to say that was a very interesting video, well done. A lot of thought went into it you covered everything. Thanks for sharing this with is Bill. ✋👍👍😎😎😎

  4. its the same story with any knockoff-vs company who specialises in that product, the one will always win, but cost more

  5. I can think of one thing this lock is much better for than the real Abus.

    Engraving it and then locking it to a bridge as a declaration of love. It's got more room for engraving.

  6. Bill, a number of additional questions on this,
    1 how do they compare on a shim test (do both have ball bearings in them),
    2 could they be bypassed using something like the Peterson bypass tools or do they have wafers in them (as the normal strip down did not happen).
    As to the fact that the word Knockoffs is used I noted that the key had a name on it so would it not be better to say CLONE.

  7. Hey bill, I been watching you for a bit, and i want to try lock picking for a hobby. the issue is i live in Nevada, where apparently possession of picks can be considered evidence of criminal intent. I watch another Chanel displayfireworks1, their hobby involves pyrotechnics and to buy / put on a show, you need to be ATF certified, is there something similar for lock picking?

  8. The only "knockoff" lock that ain't much of a knockoff but possibly nicer is the Ace hardware 527. It's an American clone and about 5 bucks cheaper (15 on sale with reward points) with a harder shackle and body. I still love the American but I couldn't pass up the ace 527

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