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It’s time to answer some of your questions!
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Video Created by Nic Pachunka
How my parents let me spend so much money? | Q&A #4
How my parents let me spend so much money? | Q&A #4

40 thoughts on “A BET FOR A BAG FULL OF MONEY!”

  1. A bmw gearbox on the Lada.. hmmh.. More heavy duty than the original "i guess", but aren´t they saying bmw makes everlasting engines, but on the older models the (stock) things around them need (lets say this with a soft wibe) "attention". Is is a counsidence that Jaguar XF has a bmw engine but a ford gearbox.

  2. It's possible that c63 at the end blew a head gasket. The 6.2's have had problems with head bolts snapping from factory

  3. LOL, that car on U're T-shirt is the most iconic car EVER ^^
    the original McLaren F1 !!!
    i recognised that on first glance….

  4. Stefan just won the Award for coolest guy @Unlimited 500+ in my opinion. Prefers to drive the Lada, doesn't take himself to seriously and gives a shit about safety when it comes to power/weight ratio.

  5. omg,,i wanted to say this earlier,,MICHA stop fuckin filming that stupid foodshots,,:D:D wtf?? 😀 i duunno how about others,,but am fuckin really annoyed by those constant ,,what did i eat today,, shit ,,am waiting till u will splash ur toilet and start video with mmmm yesterdays dinner was good :D:D:D:…cmon :D:D:D,,,but i love everything around nordschleife and cars and everything else u film,,but i wanted to say this,,keep up great work,watching everyday here,hello from SLovakia

  6. I can relate to the drinking part, east european here, drinking a lot. I come from a part of Romania where we re known for being drunk and pretty much that.

  7. Great vid man!

    Have you ever thought of reviewing every Keyboard brand and giving your personal opinions on them? Same goes for mice, headsets, speakers, monitors and such. I think it would be a cool series. I never know what brand to buy because most reviews are biased.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. hey man great video man love the Q A I had a question what sate you in buddy. Have you ever been to CA I know I trying to put money in my channel. I know this I love the speakers they sick.

  9. more questions xD 1. how do you have a moving background 2. technically a request but talk more on how you started your business at 17 im trying now at the age of 16 but still struggling

  10. Interesting to hear a bit more about you. Man, if I could go back to being 17….I actually wouldn't lol Bring a grown up is way better in a lot of ways. But if I could tell my 17 year old self a few things, I definitely would.

    Your parents are probably happy they have a son who's motivated and passionate about something.

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