$3.6 Billion Money Laundering Case Rocks Precious Metals Industry

Posted By on September 14, 2017

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.6 Billion Money Laundering Case Rocks Precious Metals Industry
.6 Billion Money Laundering Case Rocks Precious Metals Industry

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  1. what the fuck does it mean to "illegally mine"? seems like some bullshit, if you want to mine then mine, all gold is legitimate

  2. People like this need the harshest of penalties possible to make an example out of them. Thanks for sharing this story Sal, have a great week.

  3. They will get an easy sentence at a Federal Camp which is like nothing really. Since they spilled their guts they will get less time. Basically, they will get a slap on the wrist because they did a non-violent crime. The drug cartel will be fine. Thanks for sharing buddy!

  4. Having just finished watching season 3 of NARCOS on Netflix this seems so wild. These traffickers have resources far and above the Governments that are trying to stop them. If I were these guys I would be more worried about my safety than how much jail I am about to get.

  5. I work for a very large bank, as part of its compliance program, I have to take a course on money laundering each year. I am curious as to whether the government will end up using this case as an excuse to start monitoring and/or regulating domestic gold sales under the guise of stopping money laundering. Any thoughts?

  6. THE SALIVATION NATION!!! Love it man .. keep the info coming! yet they will get away with it for being snitches…SNITCHES GET STITCHES, but in that realm of money and world, those guys will get way worse!

  7. They should get more time then that for doing almost 4 billion dollars in damages from pirate trades. 40 years minimum.

  8. Elemental office is in the same building as Provident Metals….I am waiting to see if Provident gets drug in to this.

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